Why Disposable Swab Collecting Cover?

What is Disposable Swab Collecting Cover?


Disposable Swab Collecting Cover reduces the number of changing PPE (personal protecting equipment) for healthcare workers. So they can continue collecting the specimen without changing the PPE frequently.

Disposable Swab Collecting Cover is a protection enhancement to reduce risks of infection to other people; from patients’ cough or sneeze during collecting the secretion through oral cavity or nasal passages.

Disposable Swab collecting cover is made with PE(Polyethylene), a clear transparent material which provides a clear vision for the healthcare workers to collect specimen from mouth or nose.

This cover is one-time, one-size-fits-all, easy to put on and take off product. It comes with a unique design of white insertion point to provide convenience for the healthcare workers to insert and move around the swab during the procedure of collecting sample.